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Oktober 09, 2021

10 Indoor Activities For Adult Like Me!! - Part 1

Hai Fellas!! How's your weekend going last week? Today, I am going to share with you some indoor activities for adults like me which you can spend either on weekdays or weekends. Here, I just listed five types of indoor activities first. The rest I will share with you in the next entry. I'm not sure what's your favourite one. Maybe you did the same indoor activities that I'm going to list. Who knows, right? Why don't you spend a couple of minutes with me about what I'm going to share. Let's have take a look together one by one πŸ˜‰. 

10 Indoor Activities


Sometimes get your hand dirty with some dirts, technically will help you to release your stress. I do like to play with some dirts too!! Actually, gardening is like a therapy. Just go & plant some vegetables or any ornamental plants that you like. Of course, it's enjoyable & fun, especially when you get some crops from the plants that you've planted. You can grow a plant as simple as herbs, cactus & succulents in small pots. It's enough for you to enjoy some greenish inside of your house.

If you have a huge space, you can plant more crops that soon will be profitable for you enjoy. My plants? Most of them need air instead of  soil because they are air plants. Of course they don't need  any medium to grow. Just need the fishing lines & hang them wherever place that I desire!! As long as they get air, water & sunlight to live. I still run my gardening project in my backyard. Some crops already harvested & now got to replant them again.

10 Indoor Activities | Gardening


10 Indoor Activities |

Do you remember the JEWELLERY POUCHES that I sewed two months ago? It shows, I have a lot of free time to do some experiments with my needles, threads & remnants (fabrics) on that time. For the rest of my life, I've never ever had any sewing skills. Even, attending sewing classes also NONE!! What I did is I learned all sorts of sewing tutorials through the YouTube Channel. It was really helpful actually. Some sewing tips & techniques I got from my mother & my friends who work as tailors. Thanks to them!! Now, I can sew my own Baju Kurung for Raya celebration πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•.  What about you? Do you like to sew?


10 Indoor Activities | Movie Marathon

Watching several movies, drama series or any watchable things are my favourite indoor activities ever!! But I prefer to do marathon movies instead of waiting for release episodes one by one.  For me, waiting gonna make me suffer πŸ˜‚. So, I rather let all the episodes got released. Actually, there are many free platforms for you to watch movies like Facebook, Viu, YTube Channel & many more. Currently, I subscribed to the Disney+Hotstar streaming platform. So, there are many movies I can watch there right now. If I want to watch Korean Drama, I just  watch  via Facebook. It's definitely FOC!! The Korean drama that I recently watch is Squid Games. It's gone viral nowadays you know?


10 Indoor Activities | Solitaire

Before the pandemic started, I wasn't an online game-player at all. If feel bored, I just hang out with my air plants &  do some sewing projects. It's really bored if you repeat the same things on every weekend right? Recently, I've found one online game that very awesome & enjoyable to play with. Even though the game was very classic & old school, I guaranteed you definitely will not get bored. Perhaps some of these games you used to play when you were a teenager.

Have you ever played card games like Solitaire before ? No matter either you played it manually with groups of your friends or through the computer. Actually, Solitaire is one of a classic game that tests the minds of players. This card game started to emerge in the 17th century in Northern Europe and well known as "patience". Back then, people play Solitaire game using real cards & need to shuffle the cards manually like shuffling the tarot cards. Now, computerized system has taken place & control the game. This makes Solitaire game becomes easier to play.  Actually, the most popular solitaire games are:

10 Indoor Activities |

    • Klondike -  well known as classic solitaire
    • FreeCell - game has 4 free cells you can temporarily store cards in
    • Spider - game where you create a royal flush on the tableau to remove the cards from the playing field. play 1, 2 or 4 suits
    • Pyramid - sum pairs of cards to 13, with the king being worth 13
    • Tripeaks - three overlapping pyramids where you can remove cards one above or below the top card on the waste pile
    • Golf - 35 cards across 7 columns in the tableau with 17 cards in the stock pile. play in easy or hard mode where the deck wraps or does not

Among these six solitaire games, I love to play Klondike, FreeCell, Spider & Golf. The rest solitaire games, I still don't know how to play πŸ˜‚. Only these four solitaire games I frequently played a long time ago until today. If you want to experience more fun with all these games, you can visit the website. There, you also can read some background history about solitaire games, guidelines & rules of the games. It's really helpful for you to understand mores about your games that you're going to play. 

10 Indoor Activities |

Don't worry if you don't have a desktop or laptop to play. Because this online gaming website can also be accessed & played by using a mobile phone. It's mobile friendly & responsive website too. Overall, all games in this website are super addictive to play. If you don't like the solitaire games, you still can play another games like  Card gamesMahjongHidden objectMatch 3 & Arcade games which really enjoyable to play (😍Now they add some more games in their website!! - Logic puzzles & Word games).  


10 Indoor Activities | Excercise

Indoor exercise? Honestly, this would be my last  choice if I lacked of idea πŸ˜‚. For those who care about health & self-appearance, exercise will be compulsory routine in order to stay healthy. Undoubtedly, during the lockdown period there is not much outdoor activity that can be done especially exercising. Whereas, I myself did not dare to leave the house due to safety reasons & the increase in covid-19 cases. Now, I'm just doing some regular indoor exercise routines (a little bit of stretching & jumping rope) as long as I can maintain my healthy lifestyle. Even though I just take out a little bit sweat every day 😁. 

So, among these five, which one you frequently do at home? Drop your feedback in comments section below. Another five indoor activities, I'm will share with you end of this weekend. Stay tuned guys!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

10 Indoor Activities For Adult Like Me!! - Part 1

Oktober 09, 2021

Ogos 27, 2021

Intellifluence : Apa Perlu Buat Sebelum Buka Akaun Intellifluence?

Intellifluence - Tips

Salam Jumaat sahabat-sahabat blogger. Nak dijadikan cerita, semalam Syu dah lengkap terima dos vaksin kedua Pfizer di PPV Seri Iskandar. Alhamdulillah, setakat hari ni masih belum ada apa-apa kesan sampingan. Harap takde langsung lah kesan sampingannyaπŸ˜…. Bukan apa, husband Syu hari tu demam jugak lah dalam 2 hari lepas kena cucuk. Siap ada sakit dada bagai. Mungkin sebab husband Syu ada sakit jantung & tekanan darah tinggi agaknyer. Apa-apa pun syukur alhamdulillah, kesan sampingannya tak lah berapa teruk sangat. Actually, Syu sempat jugak tanya orang yang dekat PPV semalam. Katanya kesan sampingan tu bergantung pada sesetengah orang jugak. Ikut antibodi. Emmm...meleret pulak berceritaπŸ˜‚.  Macam dah lari tajuk nampak gayanya ni!! πŸ˜†

Okay-okay. Kita berbalik kepada topik. Actually, hari ni Syu nak cerita sikit pasal Intellifluence. Tak banyak pun, ada dua point jer. Kat sini Syu nak bagitahu, apa yang perlu korang perlu buat sebelum korang buka akaun Intellifluence. 

1) Buka akaun Paypal

Akaun Paypal ni penting tau. Bukan apa, sebab segala payment dari Intellifluence ni akan dimasukkan di sini. Nak bukak akaun PayPal ni tak susah mana pun. Korang just pergi dekat website Paypal & sign-up jer macam biasa. Tapi korang kena ingat satu perkara. Duit dari Paypal ni bukan korang boleh guna terus tau. Dari Paypal ni korang kena buat withdrawal dengan men-transfer duit korang ke akaun bank yang korang dah link kan. Lepas dah masuk dalam akaun korang, baru boleh guna 😁.  Pada yang nak sign-up Paypal, korang boleh klik SINI, Insyaallah. kalau ada kelapangan. Next time Syu akan cerita macam mana nak sign-up akaun PayPal.

2) Tukar domain

Kalau korang nak buat duit Intellifluence guna blog. Korang kena make sure yang korang tak guna domain tumpang. Domain tumpang ni macam & Bila korang ada domain sendiri, korang akan nampak independent & senang untuk diterima bila apply job dekat marketplace. Actually, ada banyak lagi platform yang korang boleh gunakan untuk ber-Intellellifluence selain dari blog.  Contoh macam YTube, Tiktok & Instagram. Tapi incomenya lagi banyak kalau korang buat job melalui blog korang. Alang-alang korang dah ada passion dalam dunia blog. Apa salahnya kalau korang buat dia nampak lagi official dengan tukar domain. 

Pada yang tak tahu, pertukaran domain ni korang boleh buat dekat mana-mana service provider yang bagi khidmat tukar domain. Setakat ni, Syu rasa NetKL lah yang paling terbaik untuk beli domain. Harganya kira agak berbaloi jugaklah. Service pun boleh tahan cepat 😁. Sebelum tu nak bagitahu, cas pertukaran domain NetKL akan naik harga tau start bulan depan. So, for those yang ada niat nak tukar domain. Inilah masa yang terbaik. Alang-alang nak tukar domain tu, terus panjangkan tempoh luput domain. Yang ni maksimum korang boleh buat sampai 9 tahun. Lama kan? πŸ˜‹

Lepas korang dah ada dua benda ni. Barulah korang boleh ber-Intellifluence dengan jayanya. Bila dah ada domain sendiri, insyaallah nak apply job dekat mana-mana marketplace pun senang πŸ˜‰πŸ’•.  Pada yang belum join, korang boleh klik SINI untuk sama-sama jana income USD dengan Syu. Pada yang dah ada akaun Intellifluence, tapi masih lagi lost. Jangan risau. Drop pertanyaan korang dekat contact form. Insyaallah, selagi mana Syu boleh tolong. Syu cuba tolong πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•.

Intellifluence : Apa Perlu Buat Sebelum Buka Akaun Intellifluence?

Ogos 27, 2021

Ogos 17, 2021

Intellifluence : Pengalaman Jana Pendapatan


Assalamualaikum & apa khabar sayang-sayang sekalian. Tiberkan!! Ha3 πŸ˜†. Sejak dua menjak ni memang malas betul nak create post kat blog. Puncanya sebab tak bukak laptop 😁. Tapi, apa-apa pun Syu sempatlah jugak luangkan masa sikit buat random blogwalking guna handphone. Hari ni, mood ada ON sikit & Syu cadang nak cerita pasal perkembangan terkini Syu punya Intellifluence. 

Sejujurnya, masa mula-mula join dedulu, macam-macam persoalan & keraguan bermain-main dekat kepala otak Syu (Otak ku berkata : "Dapat duit ke join Intellifluence ni? πŸ˜…"). Tapi, selepas Syu selesai complete kan Syu punya task & dapat gaji pertama dari Intellifluence, akhirnya segala persoalan Syu pun terjawab. Even, husband Syu pun terbeliak biji mata lepas Syu tunjuk hasil Syu ber-Intellifluence yang masuk dalam akaun Paypal Syu (Dalam hati : "Baru miker tau!! Ha3 πŸ˜†")  

Intellifluence : Pengalaman jana pendapatan

Kalau nak diikutkan, rasanya tak sampai dua bulan pun Syu join Intellifluence ni. Asalnya, Syu cuma nak kan badge Intellifluence tu jer sebenarnya πŸ˜†. Dengki sebab tengok ade sesetengah blogger tepek dekat sidebar. Tak badge Intellifluen, badge Nuffnang. Dek kerana nak kan badge, tak sangka pulak boleh terjebak sejauh ni. Walaupun Syu tak berapa tahu pasal Intellifluence ni, tapi Syu gigih jugak nak cuba & tengok sejauh mana kebenaran nya. Ada hasil ke? Betul ke boleh dapat duit join Intellifluence ni? Entah-entah fake & tak legit. Nak tak nak, Syu cuba lengkapkan Syu punya profile satu per satu then Syu submit application dekat mana-mana marketplaces yang bersesuaian dengan kriteria Syu. Actually, masa ni Syu punya profile masih belum lengkap 100%. Lepas Syu follow satu-satu requirement yang Intellifluence nak baru Syu dapat profile yang betul-betul lengkap. Alhamdulillah, akhirnyaa selang beberapa hari lepas submission, Syu dapat notification. Mula-mula tu macam tak berani jugak nak accept pitch. Tapi, Syu buat mana yang termampu & tawakkal jer lepas dah submit Syu punya task. Dapat tak dapat, lantak kan ajer. 


Actually, kalau korang nak tahu, post Syu pasal permainan game online bulan sudah tu antara salah satu job yang Syu dapat dari Intellifluence ni. Dek kerana ni lah, Syu dapat lengkapkan profile Intellifluence Syu dengan jayanya. Masa mula-mula terima job task ni dari ni, Syu agak takut jugak sebenarnya. Bukan apa,risau kalau-kalau Syu ter-miss apa yang diorang nak. Nak siapkan task dari Intellifluence ni tak lama mana pun. Tapi disebabkan Syu nak diorang puas hati dengan hasil kerja Syu, so makan masa satu hari jugaklah nak siapkan. 

Intellifluence : Client's feedback
Seronok bila orang suka dengan hasil kerja kita πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• . Rasa dihargai sangat-sangat. Thanks Christine!!

Lepas posted review dekat blog, kemudian Syu submit task Syu dekat Intellifluence. Alhamdulillah, Syu tak sangka gembira & berpuas hati dengan hasil kerja Syu. Siap tanya lagi Syu pakai tools apa sampai buat Gifs tu nampak cantik. Sejujurnya, malu jugak nak cakap sebenarnya, tapi dah orang tanya. Kita bagitahu jelah kita pakai Canva πŸ˜…!! Nak ngedit pakai Photoshop segala dah tak berapa nak reti. Sebab skills Syu dah lama berkarat. So untuk selamatkan keadaan, Syu Canva kan ajer. Senang!!  Materials semua dah ada. Cuma nak olah sikit jer. 


Masyuk tak masyuk bergantung pada diri sendiri sebenarnya. Walapun untuk satu job hasilnya tak cecah ribu-raban, tapi pada Syu kalau dikumpul banyak-banyak barangkali boleh cecah jugak ribu-raban tu. Bak kata pepatah "Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit". Silap haribulan, orang income tax pun kejar kita tau. Ki3 πŸ˜…. Cuma nak kena rajinlah. Tak pecahkan ruyung, mana nak dapat sagunyer yer dak?

Nasihat Syu lah kan. Kalau boleh pelbagaikan platform untuk ber-Intellifluence. Jangan terhadkan pada blog semata-mata. Kalau job mintak buat review dekat TikTok, kita create satu akaun TikTok untuk buat review. Kalau job mintak buat review dekat YTube pulak, bukak satu channel Ytube. Dari situ, baru boleh dapat jana income lebih. 

Intellifluence payment
Lepas dah convert duit Malaysia, dapatlah jugak dalam RM400 lebih. Okay lah kan? Siapa nak bagi banyak macam tu?

Dari Intellifluence ni, Syu nampak yang kita sebagai blogger ni masih boleh dapat duit tepi selain jana pendapatan dari iklan Google Adsense. Sejujurnya lah kan, sejak Syu berjinak-jinak semula dalam  blog ni, Syu rasa jana income melalui Intellifluence lagi cepat berbanding dengan Google Adsense. Kalau Google Adsense ni ambik masa sikit nak jana pendapatan sebab dia base on pageviews, clicks & segala macam mak nenek yang sampai hari ni pun banyak benda yang Syu tak habis explore lagi. Dah lah nak apply pun sikit punya bercinta nak tunggu approve. Lepas tu, beriklan sikit punya nak penuh blog πŸ˜‚. Bayarnyer ciput jer. Ini dari sudut pandangan jujur Syu lah yer 😁.

Otherwise, kalau korang rasa jana income dari Google Adsense lagi vavavom, silakan. Tak ada larangan. So, done tulis panjang lebar pasal pengalaman Syu jana pendapatan dari Intellifluence. Next, insyaallah Syu akan perbanyakkan lagi post berkenaan Intellifluence ni dari masa ke semasa. Supaya kita boleh jana income sama-sama melalui Intellifluence ni. Amin.Doa-doakan yer πŸ˜‰πŸ’•.

Intellifluence : Pengalaman Jana Pendapatan

Ogos 17, 2021

Julai 24, 2021

Freely Play At

I know you definitely feel tired & bored of sitting at home for too long during this lockdown period. Because I feel the same too. Why don't you just take a short break for a while. By the way, have you ever heard about It's a website where you can play online games for FREE. Why don't you give it a try? It's very enjoyable to play with your family & friends.

You know what? In line with the current pandemic situation, successfully launched an online game earlier this year. These online games will definitely help you to reduce your stress besides fulfill your free time during this lockdown. For anyone who doesn't have a laptop or PC, you can play this online game using your mobile phone. The website is mobile-responsive to play with. Just browse the website through any search engine that you have. Choose your games that you want to play and enjoy it! Piece of cake right? 😁. 

Back then, I frequently played game via game consoles. Now, I can simply play it through PC & mobile phone. In this there are hundreds of games you can play. Below are the games that I've played at But recently, I still can't hold myself to play the We Bare Bear games. Seriously, it's super addicted & difficult to stop playing πŸ˜‚. Especially to me who are absolutely hardcore fans of video games. I wish I can play a game that quite similar to Harvest Moon at because I really love that such kind of games. Overall, I love all the existing games in this website 😁.
Love We Bare Bear games!! Seriously addicted to playing with πŸ˜†

I understand there are some parents who might think this online game can give a bad impact on their child. However, playing online games at is totally different than what you've imagined. Instead, it's fully loaded with useful & educational things that your child can learn from it. All games on can stimulate the development of your child's mind. By playing with some educational games like words searching, calculation & puzzles, it's enable to improve their cognitive skills. Twenty four hours over seven facing with books & PDPR (Home-based Learning & Teaching) classes sometimes might be quite tough for them to go through. Besides, their focus also can easily be interrupted due to stressful. Why don't just give them a short break for a while. They might feel bored same as you too. Especially during this lockdown.

In, there are about 134 game genres that are suitable to be played by all stages of ages. The best part is, it's totally free!! You can play as many games as you want. Plus, there is no unwanted pop-up & in-game ads tooHere are some other reasons why you need to choose as one of your platform for playing online games.

What are you waiting for? Come on!! Let's have with It's FREE & ENJOYABLE to play πŸ˜‰!! Click the button below to start playing. Don't forget to spread this info to others. So, they can have some fun just like you did.

😁 Release your stress now by freely play at!!

Freely Play At

Julai 24, 2021

Julai 07, 2021

Pertama Kali Join Intellifluence πŸ˜…


Masa Syu start berblog sebelum-sebelum ni memang Syu dah lama ada keinginan nak sign up Intellifluence ni. Tapi disebabkan kekangan masa & kurang cerdik IT masa tu, maka sampai kesudah tak sign up πŸ˜‚.Umur dah masuk third series baru tergerak hati nak create account Intellifluence. πŸ˜…Sadiskan?? Terus terang Syu cakap. Dulu Syu memang tak suka menghabiskan masa depan laptop & handphone. Tambah pulak Syu memang tak ada freetime langsung masa tu dengan dunia blog mahupun sosmed. Kerja Syu dari pagi sampai ke pagi cari duit. Maklumlah, susah time tu hidup dalam broken family πŸ˜…. Tambah lagi bila jadi anak sulung. 

Disebabkan time lockdown ni Syu telampau banyak freetime, so Syu jadi terpengaruh balik nak join Intellifluence ni. Mungkin ramai rakan-rakan blogger dah jauh tinggalkan Syu & dah dapat banyak badge yang hebat-hebat. Barangkali jugak dah dapat banyak pulangan dari Intellifluence. Tapi pada Syu, masih belum terlambat untuk Syu mula dari awal. Sebab pada Syu, profit dari Intellifluence ni bertitik tolak pada usaha & kerajinan kita jugak. Rajin cari job & buat review dalam Intellifluence, baru dapat hasil. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Untuk permulaan ni, dua badge ni jer yang Syu ada dekat Intellifluence πŸ˜…. Yang merah tu tak tau bila kurun dapat. Bila sign up tiba-tiba dah muncul dekat bahagian badge πŸ˜†.

Pinterest Intellifluence Badge

Intellifluence Badge Beginner

Pada yang nak dapatkan duit sampingan dengan jadi influencer, inilah platform korang. Rajin buat review & buat tasks dalam Intellifluence, insyallah sedikit sebanyak boleh membantu korang jana income. Buat masa sekarang ni Syu masih belum nampak hala tuju Syu dalam dunia Intellifluence ni, maklumlah masih baru lagi kan. Pada yang dah ada pengalaman, sharelah sikit apa perkembangan positif yang korang dah dapat dengan join Intellifluence ni. Mana tahu, boleh boleh dijadikan inspirasi buat blogger newbies macam Syu ni 😁. Syu ni masih lagi level underdog. Banyak lagi yang Syu nak kena belajar. Apa yang Syu tahu, Intellifluence kira lubuk duit no. 2 selepas Adsense.

Jadi pada yang belum sign up, apa tunggu lagi. Jom JOIN INTELLIFLUENCE sekarang untuk jana pendapatan tanpa keluarkan sebarang modal πŸ˜‰. Maka dengan ini, secara rasminya I'm an influencer πŸ˜‚!! Tapi level underdog jelah 😁. Harap ada lah peluang untuk jadi influencer berjaya macam Khairul Aming tu. Tayang satu airfryer buat masak, terus sold out. Ki3πŸ˜†

Pertama Kali Join Intellifluence πŸ˜…

Julai 07, 2021