Best Treadmill Malaysia 2022

November 11, 2022

Your personal fitness is obviously a must-have. When you consider that a treadmill for your house gives you more flexible alternatives, including light running, walking, and exercising whenever you choose, it might be a terrific long-term investment.


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A treadmill is a terrific tool to use if your objective is to exercise more. We've done our research to determine the top treadmill for fitness based on the features you should have, followed by how it can benefit you, to assist you in making the correct choice.


Vigor Fitness TR500 3.5HP Treadmill



This TR500 3.5HP treadmill with manual-folding capabilities should be on your list if you're seeking for a treadmill that Malaysians are known to be quite interested in. It features a 3.5 horsepower engine, a good speed range of 0.8 to 12 km/h, and covers all the essentials for the majority of runners.


To assist you better monitor your performance, the treadmill's panel has a wide range of choices, including speed, distance, calories, pulse, and body fat. However, there is little room for tweaking; the highest inclination is 5%, which may put you off owing to the workout's limited intensity and variety.

Users of this treadmill are happy with it. Its quality is adequate for less than RM1000; it works properly and isn't too loud. Additionally, setup is simple. However, one review claims that people who weigh 75 kg or more could feel some shaking.


This is a great option for novices who are just beginning their fitness adventure or who wish to run sporadically because it is reasonably priced. This treadmill might not work for you if you're searching for something very intense.



3.5HP ADSports AD520 Luxury Super Slim 58 cm Running Platform





This treadmill has a broad 350mm platform, a 3.5 horsepower energy-efficient motor, and a top speed of 14 km/h. With its seven layers of shock absorption, it can lessen the mutual force produced when running.

A more effective workout may be guaranteed with an adjustable LCD panel that shows your calories, pace, duration, distance, and heart rate so you know you're getting the most out of it. Unfortunately, it lacks an inclination mode, making it inappropriate for elite runners who want a harder run.

With its built-in 12 automatic workout programmes and 4 Flexi planning modes, this treadmill allows you to concentrate on your health and fitness at home.

If you're an ordinary runner who wants to merely get in a daily jog to achieve your step count, this could be for you even if it might not be appropriate for professional runners.



Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad Treadmill A1 



Not your typical treadmill, this one. Instead, it's a reliable workhorse made for walkers to engage in low-impact exercises. You can put it wherever in your house or business because to its mobility and ability to fold up, eliminating any excuse you could have for skipping a workout.


It is also equipped with a variety of functions to improve your workout, including a high-precision sensor and a concealed LED display.

For a mild workout and meeting your daily 10k step target, the Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad Treadmill A1 is fantastic. On the other hand, the WalkingPad's distinctive selling point may also be its own disadvantage given that it is less adaptable because it is not designed for runners.


If you have a space problem, you may fold it up and store it when not in use. Unfortunately, critics comment that it's a touch hefty while being simple to store and supposedly portable.


Xiaomi Kingsmith R2 Walking Pad Foldable Treadmill 



Your thoughts will be completely blown by how little this treadmill is. It is not only foldable, but it can be folded down so little that it can fit under a sofa!

This treadmill has a modern design and a top speed of 12 km/h. You may adjust the treadmill's pace on your own by walking on specific places of the deck. Even though it's little, it's simple and comfortable to use, making it excellent for novices. 

It's important to note that this treadmill produces a faint hum when in use, but it's not loud enough to distract you from your workout.


The sophisticated foot speed control on this treadmill allows you to adjust your own speed without pressing any buttons, and it will stay steady even when you run at its top speed.



OGAWA Trek Pro T7.2 Lite product nation




Due to its simple and user-friendly control panel, Ogawa's Trek Pro T7.2 Lite is designed for beginners or entry-level users. 


This treadmill has a 2.0 maximum horsepower and an MP3 player with speakers to keep you occupied while you exercise.


It offers up to 12 pre-set fitness programs without sacrificing features. One of its standout characteristics is the twin cushion system, which offers excellent cushioning and support to minimize strain and pain on the knees and ankles when running.

The OGAWA Trek Pro T7.2 Lite features an arguably less-than-ideal relatively modest inclination of just 2%. However, if you're just getting started, it might not matter to you.


Buyers are happy with it as evidenced by its nearly flawless 5-star rating. Additionally, a representative of OGAWA will even set it up for you, saving you the effort.


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