10 Indoor Activities For Adult Like Me!! - Part 2

Oktober 16, 2021

Here we go again fellas!! Last week, I've shared 5 indoor activities with you. Today, I'm gonna share another 5 mores activities. Come & let's have take a look.

6) Try something new in the kitchen

10 Indoor Activities | Cooking New Recipes

Every day, you need to fill up your empty stomach with some stuff, right? Cooking is a great indoor activity to enjoy, especially during a weekend. Instead of repeating the same menu for your meals, it's a great thing to try some new menu in your kitchen. You can try baking, barbecue or any sort of cooking technique you wish for because you got plenty of time deal with. For me, air frying is the simplest way to cook a simple menu 😆. Sometimes, I try to improve my baking skills by baking some cakes & breads. 

7) Reading

10 Indoor Activities | Reading

This is the thing that I love to do nowadays. Back then, I used to read a lot of love novels, comics & some educational books. Actually,  I still got another stack of novels that I haven't finished reading yet. Reading definitely make you consume plenty of  time, especially when you're reading a thick book.  However, if you have a high interest in reading, that won't be a problem 😊💕. Instead of books, I also did some readings on other people's blog (blogwalking). Sometimes, it's was great to read on what people have shared. 

8) Blogging

10 Indoor Activities | Blogging

Besides reading, blogging also one of my passions today. Even though I'm doing it as a part-time,  once a day I will spend a couple of minutes doing blog walking & publish whatever entry that I wish for.  If I don't have a chance, weekends is the right time for me to do it. 

To be honest, I was not diligent in blogging before 😅. During lockdown, I felt really bored & I decided to fill my day with new & challenging things like blogging. I spent several months reviewing all the basic code of html & CSS in order to create a blog that I desired. Although it was a bit difficult at first, I finally managed to create a blog that I really admired 😊💕.

9) Make a bullet journals & sketch something randomly

10 Indoor Activities | Bullet Journal

Due to time constraints, I don't have such a plenty time to do it right now. If still I want to, I got to start this over again from the beginning 😂. Actually to make a bullet journals is quite easy & simple. You just need any kind of empty notebook. There, you can put some old notes & quotes, pictures, a little bit of decorations like dried leaves & flowers. The best thing that I love to do with my bullet journal is doodling something randomly inside of it. I like to make rough sketches about whatever things come to my mind. Flowers, birds, anime characters & many mores. Unfortunately, I didn't made a bullet journals anymore. I think my skills already get rusted 😂.

10) Pamper yourself

10 Indoor Activities | Relaxation

Have you ever indulged yourself at home with spa activities such as simple facial treatments (remove white head/black head, facial scrub, soothing you face with facial mask, etc.), manicure pedicure or any activities that can relax yourself 😌💕. For me, weekend is the best time to do all those things. Normally at home, I just do some simple weekly routines for my skin. Remove blackheads & pimples, do some scrub, put on facial mask & a little bit of face cream like serum & moisturiser. 

So, that's all for 10 indoor activities that I can list down at this moment. If you got some more activities, just drop it in the comment section below. Have a nice & splendid weekend to all of you!!😊💕 


  1. How I wish I could go and pamper myself..its been almost a year since I had my facial treatment

  2. dulu masa muda syok lah membaca. sekarang baca satu perenggan pun dah tidur nyenyak. sekarang suka menulis pulak hahaha


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