10 Indoor Activities For Adult Like Me!! - Part 1

Oktober 09, 2021

Hai Fellas!! How's your weekend going last week? Today, I am going to share with you some indoor activities for adults like me which you can spend either on weekdays or weekends. Here, I just listed five types of indoor activities first. The rest I will share with you in the next entry. I'm not sure what's your favourite one. Maybe you did the same indoor activities that I'm going to list. Who knows, right? Why don't you spend a couple of minutes with me about what I'm going to share. Let's have take a look together one by one 😉. 

10 Indoor Activities


Sometimes get your hand dirty with some dirts, technically will help you to release your stress. I do like to play with some dirts too!! Actually, gardening is like a therapy. Just go & plant some vegetables or any ornamental plants that you like. Of course, it's enjoyable & fun, especially when you get some crops from the plants that you've planted. You can grow a plant as simple as herbs, cactus & succulents in small pots. It's enough for you to enjoy some greenish inside of your house.

If you have a huge space, you can plant more crops that soon will be profitable for you enjoy. My plants? Most of them need air instead of  soil because they are air plants. Of course they don't need  any medium to grow. Just need the fishing lines & hang them wherever place that I desire!! As long as they get air, water & sunlight to live. I still run my gardening project in my backyard. Some crops already harvested & now got to replant them again.

10 Indoor Activities | Gardening


10 Indoor Activities |

Do you remember the JEWELLERY POUCHES that I sewed two months ago? It shows, I have a lot of free time to do some experiments with my needles, threads & remnants (fabrics) on that time. For the rest of my life, I've never ever had any sewing skills. Even, attending sewing classes also NONE!! What I did is I learned all sorts of sewing tutorials through the YouTube Channel. It was really helpful actually. Some sewing tips & techniques I got from my mother & my friends who work as tailors. Thanks to them!! Now, I can sew my own Baju Kurung for Raya celebration 😊💕.  What about you? Do you like to sew?


10 Indoor Activities | Movie Marathon

Watching several movies, drama series or any watchable things are my favourite indoor activities ever!! But I prefer to do marathon movies instead of waiting for release episodes one by one.  For me, waiting gonna make me suffer 😂. So, I rather let all the episodes got released. Actually, there are many free platforms for you to watch movies like Facebook, Viu, YTube Channel & many more. Currently, I subscribed to the Disney+Hotstar streaming platform. So, there are many movies I can watch there right now. If I want to watch Korean Drama, I just  watch  via Facebook. It's definitely FOC!! The Korean drama that I recently watch is Squid Games. It's gone viral nowadays you know?


10 Indoor Activities | Solitaire

Before the pandemic started, I wasn't an online game-player at all. If feel bored, I just hang out with my air plants &  do some sewing projects. It's really bored if you repeat the same things on every weekend right? Recently, I've found one online game that very awesome & enjoyable to play with. Even though the game was very classic & old school, I guaranteed you definitely will not get bored. Perhaps some of these games you used to play when you were a teenager.

Have you ever played card games like Solitaire before ? No matter either you played it manually with groups of your friends or through the computer. Actually, Solitaire is one of a classic game that tests the minds of players. This card game started to emerge in the 17th century in Northern Europe and well known as "patience". Back then, people play Solitaire game using real cards & need to shuffle the cards manually like shuffling the tarot cards. Now, computerized system has taken place & control the game. This makes Solitaire game becomes easier to play.  Actually, the most popular solitaire games are:

10 Indoor Activities | Solitaire.org

    • Klondike -  well known as classic solitaire
    • FreeCell - game has 4 free cells you can temporarily store cards in
    • Spider - game where you create a royal flush on the tableau to remove the cards from the playing field. play 1, 2 or 4 suits
    • Pyramid - sum pairs of cards to 13, with the king being worth 13
    • Tripeaks - three overlapping pyramids where you can remove cards one above or below the top card on the waste pile
    • Golf - 35 cards across 7 columns in the tableau with 17 cards in the stock pile. play in easy or hard mode where the deck wraps or does not

Among these six solitaire games, I love to play Klondike, FreeCell, Spider & Golf. The rest solitaire games, I still don't know how to play 😂. Only these four solitaire games I frequently played a long time ago until today. If you want to experience more fun with all these games, you can visit the Solitaire.org website. There, you also can read some background history about solitaire games, guidelines & rules of the games. It's really helpful for you to understand mores about your games that you're going to play. 

10 Indoor Activities | Solitaire.org

Don't worry if you don't have a desktop or laptop to play. Because this online gaming website can also be accessed & played by using a mobile phone. It's mobile friendly & responsive website too. Overall, all games in this website are super addictive to play. If you don't like the solitaire games, you still can play another games like  Card gamesMahjongHidden objectMatch 3 & Arcade games which really enjoyable to play (😍Now they add some more games in their website!! - Logic puzzles & Word games).  


10 Indoor Activities | Excercise

Indoor exercise? Honestly, this would be my last  choice if I lacked of idea 😂. For those who care about health & self-appearance, exercise will be compulsory routine in order to stay healthy. Undoubtedly, during the lockdown period there is not much outdoor activity that can be done especially exercising. Whereas, I myself did not dare to leave the house due to safety reasons & the increase in covid-19 cases. Now, I'm just doing some regular indoor exercise routines (a little bit of stretching & jumping rope) as long as I can maintain my healthy lifestyle. Even though I just take out a little bit sweat every day 😁. 

So, among these five, which one you frequently do at home? Drop your feedback in comments section below. Another five indoor activities, I'm will share with you end of this weekend. Stay tuned guys!!😊💕


  1. Semua tu MY suka buat... berkebun, menjahit, movie marathon, tido, main game...

    1. Kalau boleh semua benda nak cuba buat kan kak. Dek kerana kekangan masa, banyak benda tak terkejar. Tapi yang pasti TIDUR tu one of Syu punya favourite jugak. Ki3 😁.

  2. tidur main contest main kucing berblog aktiviti rabia

  3. hahahaha lemak saya nangis kejap je, japgi happy balik diternak


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