Eid Finished. However ...

Julai 25, 2021

Even though Eid al-Adha already passed, I still got plenty of beef meat & bones in my freezer. So, today I cooked simple beef bones sup for my dinner. No fancy spices in it. I just put some cloves, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, black pepper, shallots & garlic. It took several hours to make the meat becomes tender 😅. 

Since the beef bones is quite fresh. So, the bones released a lot of fat. In order to remove all the excessive fat, I got to use ice cubes as many as I can. If not, when the soup getting cold, it will produce a thick layer of fat on top of the soup surface. Even when you eat, the fat will stick on your lips.  

I ate with compressed rice 😋. It seems like "Soto", but in version of beef bones soup. 

As replacement to normal rice, I prefer to used compressed one. I just boiled my instant compressed rice, then cut it into a small cubes. Afterwards, I served it together with my beef bones soup. It pretty seems like "Soto" but with incompleted sides garnishing 😂. It must be even tastier if I throw some of bean sprouts in this soup. Right? Unfortunately, I don't have it 😩. 

What My Bawangians Say

  1. Suka jenis sup tak banyak rempah ratus. Sedap juga makan dengan nasi impit. Letak bawang goreng, taugeh, kacang dah jadi soto nasi impit daging gitu :) So sedap!

    1. Betul.Syu kalau buat sup paling tak suka letak rempah banyak-banyak.Even buah pelaga pun Syu tak letak sebab tak suka.

      Kalau ada taugeh memang Syu letak dah kak Fizah.Dah lah Syu suka gila ngan taugeh.Tapi dah tak ada, Syu bantai jer buat "soto bodo"😆.Elok gak tak letak, takde kena angin.

  2. Tak minat kuah soto sebab rasa rempah...panas lepas makan. tapi kalau dengan sup tulang...ngammm