Crimebites Rocher Cookies - How Does It Taste?

Jun 12, 2021

Crimebites Rocher Cookies

Yesterday, I received the new version of Crimebites from my friend. Firstly, I thought the jar was big. Sadly the size was only as big as my palm πŸ˜‚. This is my first time purchased the Crimebites. Last time I just tried the original version of crime bites without seeing the jar. So, I cannot imagine how actually the size of cookie jar was. I've tried the cookies. Honestly, I'm pretty sad with the taste. I have no objection if the price was a little bit expensive, but the taste was definitely below my expectations. For me, the original version of Crimebites is better than this one. 

One thing I don't like about Rocher is the unpleasant hazelnut flavor. It tastes and smells like aged nutty flavor. Don't know how describe it. But that's the things that I experienced while eating this cookie. However, the taste of the cookies was still good to me. Even though it was a little hard to bite at first, but I still enjoy eating it.

The cookie jar just size of my palm. I really didn't expect that πŸ˜†.

Generally, this is my honest review about this cookie. I'm pretty hope Crimebites can receive my honest feedback about Rocher with an open heart. I didn't mean to leave a bad review on it. Sorry Crimebites. For those who have ever tasted it, kindly left your review in the comment section. I just want to know whether you experienced the same things as me. Maybe, I got the old stock of Rocher from my friend. So, the taste might not fresh anymore 😁. Overall, I don't like this Rocher version. I prefer the original one πŸ˜‚. Sorry to say Rocher!!

Here is the view inside of the cookie jar. Those cookies contained almond nibs & chocolate chips in it.


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