D'Zahara Cat Kibbles!

Jun 19, 2021

Here am I again with the same issue of my cat. This time I got to change another kibbles for them. Previously, I bought Ali Cats & Misha brand. I knew, they enjoyed eating that kibbles. Unfortunately, one of my cats got some diarrhea when ate kibbles from both of these brands. So, I decided to switch to another brand of kibbles. This time I chose D'Zahara. I've seen many good reviews about it. Why don't I give it a try. Right? I don't mind if I spend a little bit on them. As long it's good for fluffy buddies. 

For your information, this kibble is suitable for all ages of cats. It contains 26% of crude protein, which is definitely enough for cat growth. The kibble size also not too big & easy for the cat to chew. If you interested to buy this kibble, you can click HERE to directly reach the seller store. Right now, D'Zahara kibbles already sold out. However, you still can purchase other brands of kibbles at the same store 😉.

Smells good. I really hope this kibbles suit my fluffy fellas this time. I'm so hectic to think about changing kibbles again 😂.

What My Bawangians Say

  1. Alamak heheh pasal kucing mmg k ret FAIL...
    kita baca je kisah2 org yg bela kucing.. tp sndri nak pegang kucing cam takut gitu ahaha

    1. La...tak tahu pulak K.Ret takut kucing.Kih3 😁.